Manufacturer of private label organic products


Producing the best products for our customers is our passion! In our factory located in The Netherlands, we produce all of our products to your requirements. 







Rice cakes

Rice cakes coated





Manufacturer of private label
organic products


We produce all the products In-House

Private label
From 1 pallet to full trucks

Product Development
You have great ideas,
We can make them

We are IFS Certified

95% of our products are Organic

We are completely glutenfree

Experts in Vegan products

Our company is specialised in producing high quality products for a competitive price. Our aim is to be a low-cost private label manufacturer. That is the reason we do not have a brand strategy. Most of our products are sold througout Europe under all kinds of brands.

We service big, small or startup companies and treat them the same. Because we believe in a partnership. Only when you work closely together you can get the best results.


Family Owned Company

Since 1975


Private Label Experts

From 1 pallet up



How can we help you develop your brand? As we do not have our own brand, we want to help to make your brand a succes! We have been helping companies expanding their brands with our products for many years.

We have the expertise to help you develop the perfect product and match it with the best packaging.


Rice, Corn and Multigrain Cakes


Our rice cakes are made from high quality rice, sometimes with a delicious flinter of salt.

The rice cakes are made in our state of the art puffing area. After the production the cakes are directly packaged to make sure they are as fresh as possible.


It could be your brand as well!




















Organic Rice Cakes

We produce rice cakes for customers througout all of europe and to the rest of the world. You probably have seen one of our products around the shops.

Rice cakes are made by popping brown rice into a round mould. After the popping the rice cakes transported and packed together in a consumer unit of 100gr E. 

Almost all our processes are automated which makes the products of the highest quality. 

Not only rice is used. We also produce corn cakes and with mixed grain cakes, like:

  • Millet
  • Sesame
  • Chia
  • Quinoa 


Organic Corn and Multigrain Cakes




Rice Cakes with Coatings


Our rice cakes are made from the high quality brown rice and we cover these rice cakes with all kinds of delicious chocolates coatings.


The rice cakes are made in our state of the art puffing area. Most chocolate coatings are also produced in-house which means we can do any chocolate coating on the rice cakes you want.


As chocolate specialists we can produce the best your Brand has to offer!



















Organic Rice Cakes with Chocolates

Chocolate covered rice cakes are our specialty. These products are sold all over the world and private labels can go from 1 pallet up.

When the Rice Cakes are popped they are transported to a chocolate bath and dipped into the chocolate. After we turned the rice cakes around, we can even sprinkle delicious coconut flakes on top!


Organic Rice Cakes with Chocolates


Organic Rice Cakes with Strawberry Yoghurt Coating



We cover our rice cake with all kinds of chocolate, like:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Yoghurt Coating
  • Rice Milk Coating
  • Carob/Soy Coating




Bars have always been very popular snacks.


Only your imagination is the limit what you can do with the bars. You want a Vegan, Glutenfree Coconutbar, Go for it!

Up to two layers can be used.


Most bars consist of syrup with all kinds of premium organic ingredients covered in delicious chocolate.


Proteinbars or bars based on dates with superfoods are also products we can develop for you.



















Organic Marzipan Bar with Dark Chocolate

Developing a new bar is always a challenge. Getting the right consistency with the best ingredients and for a good price. New ingredients enter the market every day and we can't wait to try some of them for your new bar.

We do Vegan, Glutenfree, Lactosefree and all other kinds of requirements. Try us! 

Some of the fillings we like:

  • Caramel fudge
  • Coconut
  • Peanuts
  • Nougat / Praline
  • Marzipan


Organic Caramelbar with Dark Chocolate






We produce the chocolate couvertures in-house and can make almost any recipe you would like.


Glutenfree, Vegan, Organic, No Added Sugar


The ingredients for the chocolate comes from our trusted and carefully selected suppliers. 


As chocolate specialists we can produce the best your Brand has to offer!



















Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

We understand your needs may be unique. Perhaps you want a chocolate that has never been made before.

We hope to work with you to find a solution for all your new product challenges.


Organic Dark Chocolate Bar


Organic Cocoa Baking Sticks



We can produce all kinds of chocolate products, like:

  • 100gr Chocolate bar paper wrapped
  • 100gr Chocolate bar flowpacked
  • 40-50gr Chocolate bar flowpacked
  • Cocoa Chocolate Stick for baking
  • Seasonal products





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