About us

De Katjang is a family owned company, located in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 1974 and is now owned by the second generation. 

In the beginning of our company we only produced chocolates for local shops and markets. After some time we became specialized in special kinds of chocolates, mainly Carob chocolate. 

This was a huge succes and we quickly expanded our factory with new production lines, for more capacity and for new products. New products like candybars.

In the 90s we were asked to cover some organic rice cakes with delicious organic chocolate to see if there was potential in the product. This was such a succes that it is now our most sold product.

Our company is specialised in producing high quality products for a competitive price. Our aim is to be a low-cost private label manufacturer. That is the reason we do not have a brand strategy. Most of our products are sold througout Europe under all kinds of brands.

We service big, small or startup companies and treat them the same. Because we believe in a partnership. Only when you work closely together you can get the best results.

Our company stands for: Quality, Flexible and Innovative

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